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tigerpaw radioIf you are providing voice, desktop management, A/V services or managed print, you may have noticed what we deliver for our customers and how we define what we do is changing. Once upon a time, it was enough to stay in your lane and offer the best service in your particular specialty areas. Those days are behind us as more and more providers are offering converged (or expanded and related) services. Convergence is everywhere and it can be challenging to keep up.

“Convergence” was the genesis for an exciting new podcast series from Tigerpaw Software. This series is designed to help providers just like you to stay on top of the issues and opportunities that affect you most. We’ll be interviewing key industry players who have knowledge and expertise to help drive your businesses towards the future. If you’re a business owner, executive or sales professional looking to sharpen the saw, these podcasts are for you!

Tigerpaw Radio launches today with 5 exciting episodes that will empower your business to take advantage and profit from convergence by learning from those leading the field. The episodes you can check out today:

Episode #1: Mega Dealer Mega Danger? The Rise of the Mega Dealer in the Office Equipment Channel

Whether you’re an office equipment dealer or a managed services provider, we’ve seen a lot of consolidation in the last couple of years and the pace of it only continues to accelerate. In the face of this consolidation, how do smaller providers, who chose to remain independent, compete? Knowing the answers will be critical as you look to grow or simply get out of the way.

Guests: Tawnya Stone, Vice President of Strategic Technology at GreatAmerica Financial Services Inc., and Jeff Bendix, President at Bendix Imaging and Bendix Technologies.

Episode #2: Security Insecurity

Given the increasing number of Ransomware attacks and data leaks, why are companies waiting until they have a major security incident before they really do something about it? Worse yet the bad actors are targeting MSPs as gateways to their customers and the cloud is no longer as secure as once believed. Are there insights to help companies to start protecting themselves before its too late?

Guests: Himanshu Verma, Global Business Development Security Services at AWS and Matthew Solomon, Vice President of Business Development & IT Complete at Kaseya

Episode #3: Social Selling, Where Did It All Go Wrong?

This is a podcast you won’t want to miss as we talk with the author of “Selling from the Heart” about the ugly side of “social” and how in many ways people are doing a terrible job of using social correctly. He’ll share expert tips on how to articulate and drive real value in a winning sales process.

Guests: Larry Levine, Author, Keynote & Founder at Selling From The Heart

Episode #4: Are Office Equipment Dealers Really Capable of Providing Managed Services?

Companies like MARCO, Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office and Loffler are showing great success with adding Managed Services to their portfolios. So why are so many smaller OEDs having such a tough time getting started? As a managed services provider, what new challenges do these new competitors bring to your world?

Guests: Jeff Gau, CEO at MARCO and William McLaughlin, CTO & EVP at Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office

Episode #5: The Innovation Desert: What Happened To All The Fresh Thinking That Got Us Here

In most ways the Managed Services and Managed Print channels look a lot like they did 5 years ago. Or do they? In this episode we’ll explore innovation with two exceptional thought leaders on channel diversification. Listen in to get expert advice on how you can innovate and grow your business more while pushing back on stagnation and old thinking.

Guests: Greg Walters, Owner & Founder at Walters Inc., and Norman McConkey, Creator at MPS Toolbox

As you can see from our first few episodes this podcast is geared towards demystifying the issues that matter to you most. As convergence continues to change the how and what of managed services you can be certain that we’ll have your back with the interviews and subject matter experts that can help you most.

Tigerpaw Radio will be launching new and thought-provoking podcasts every couple of weeks. Make it your new year’s resolution to listen in and ensure that you have the knowledge and learning required to make 2020 your best year yet. Be sure to subscribe to Tigerpaw Radio and never miss another episode!

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