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There’s a monster lurking just over your shoulder, just out of sight, and it’s coming for your business! The office equipment and managed services channels are in the midsts of extraordinary change. Join your hosts and allies to the cause, West McDonald & James Foxall, as we interview the top minds and influencers in the channel, with an eye on fighting the behemoth by giving you more knowledge to grow your business. Powerful new episodes are available every 2 weeks and all you have to do is hit “subscribe” so you never miss another one.

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Marks on Paper: Distributors Talk About the Future of the Office Equipment Channel

In this episode of TigerTube, two of the channel’s heavy weights share their ideas about what dealers must do to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world.


  • Greg Welchans, President at DM Supplies Network
  • Jim Cerkleski, Executive Chairman at Clover Imaging Group

Bold Moves Bold Growth: Managed Print Providers Share Strategies for BOLD Growth

The past few years have certainly tested the metal of business leaders in the Office Equipment Channel. There are those that would have you believe that the space will continue to suffer, that MPS and the value of A3 are dead. But are they? And what other ways must organizations flex and adapt to prosper in the age of the new office?

• Bob Evans, Principal at Function 4
• Jeff Bendix, President at Bendix Imaging
• Brian Stevenson, President at FootPRINT Managed Services

Breaking The Rules With Rules: Print Security in an Unsecure World

Join Tigerpaw as we interview two of the world-leading experts on print-based security and policy enforcement. They will teach you exactly what you need to do to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your customers safe when it comes to the printed page.

• Eric Crump, Director of Strategic Alliances at RINGDALE.
• Mark Hart, Executive Director of Business Development at ACDI Inc.

Ending the Tyranny Of The Box

The traditional WAN (Wide Area Network) has been around for a long time and is definitely inside the box. How do you get the WAN outside the box? Is it even possible? Is there enough opportunity to bother? Join Tigerpaw and our guest as he lays out how we can end the tyranny of the box with the new opportunities of the SD-WAN.

Guest: Craig Shlagbaum, SVP, Indirect Channels, Comcast Business

Social Selling Like A Jedi Master: A guide for MSPs, Managed Tech Providers, Nerds & Geeks

Whether you are an introvert, technology geek, or just somebody looking for a better way to grow sales, this Tigerpaw interview with world-leading social selling expert will have you selling like a Jedi Master in no time.

Guest: Janet Schijns, CEO at JS Group

The Cloud Opportunity for MSPs

We discuss the Cloud opportunities that could lead to incredible growth for those in the know.

Guest: Jason Bystrak, VP of Cloud & Services Business Unit at D&H Distributing

The Co-Managed Revolution

We interviewed two of the leading MSP experts that are excelling with co-managed services and they share their knowledge on how to do it right.


  • Bob Coppedge, CEO & Owner at Simplex-IT
  • Brian Weiss, CEO at ITECH Solutions

Embracing Discomfort For Growth: Lessons from a Green Beret

We explore how discomfort and uncertainty in your business are much better and more necessary than you think.

Guest: Jason Van Camp, Green Beret

Flat-Rate for Managed Print: The Panel Discussion

Join Tigerpaw and a panel of Flat-rate experts as they show you how to take away the fear and drive confidence in a profitable and growth-focused flat rate program for office print.


  • Bud Karakey, VP of Customer Engagement at NEXERA, a BEI Services Company.
  • Kenneth Edmonds, CEO at 22nd Century Management
  • Earl Everson, Founder at Elite Document Solutions

Using Video in Business

Before you say “YouTube is for kids”, think again: In a study detailed on Vidyard, companies that use video are growing 49% faster than those that don’t. At the time of writing, there are over 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE. Are you benefiting?

Join Tigerpaw Radio and David Walsh; our expert YouTube guest with over 300,000 subscribers; as we explore how video can help grow your business.

Guest: David Walsh, YouTube expert and founder, David Walsh Online

Remote Security

The pandemic has changed everything, including how and where people work. More people are working from home than ever before in modern times and this introduces new security threats as well. Join experts who are attacking these new problems and turning them into opportunities.


  • Paul Redding, Compliancy Group
  • Mark Hart, ACDI
  • Ian Richardson, Doberman Technologies
  • Brad Fugitt, Pax8

Women in Tech

In this episode of Tigerpaw Radio, we meet with some women leaders in tech who share their experience in the world of high tech and advice for bringing more equality to the channel in the future.


  • Beth Neargarder, Channel Manager, RocketCyber
  • Yvette Steele, Director of CompTIA’s Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Community
  • Van Little, Global CTO at Interdynamix

Great Customer Service

We spoke with two customer service aficionados, and they share the secrets to consistently delivering great customer service.


  • Corey Odvody, Americom
  • Joel Vaslow, Tigerpaw Software

Marketing & Sales During a Pandemic

Join Tigerpaw Radio in a deep-dive series as we talk with progressive vendors and dealers about how they are not just surviving during the pandemic but growing as their competitors continue to lose ground.


  • Peter Busam, Chief Balancer, Equilibrium Consulting
  • Greg Van De Walker, Senior Vice President, IT Channel & Services, Collabrance
  • Juan Fernandez, BMI ImageNet
  • Carrie Simpson, Managed Sales Pros

Extreme Remote Work: An American’s Lockdown in Panama

Imagine that you plan to stay a couple of weeks on vacation in a foreign country only to find yourself in lockdown there for over 3 months. This may sound like the plot of a film, but it actually happened to our guest.


  • Greg Vandewalker, Senior Vice President, IT Channel & Services at Collabrance, LLC

The Threat of Print Security in an Increasingly Remote Working World

Post-pandemic, 47% of companies expect to see a portion of their workforce work from home permanently. This raises issues for physical and network print security for customers and providers. How can you get ahead?

Guest: Eric Crump, Director of Strategic Alliances at Ringdale and MPSA Executive Board Member

Super Connectors

“It’s not always what you know, but who you know” is as true in the digital age we live as it ever has been. For all of your networking efforts, you might be missing some of the best connections there are – The Super Connector.


  • Janet Schijns, CEO at JS Group
  • Joseph Landes, Chief Revenue Officer, Nerdio
  • James Foxall, CEO at Tigerpaw Software

The Power of Belonging to Something Bigger

Listen in as we get up close and personal with leaders in the BTA, CompTIA, and the MPSA. This episode is filled with insights about the power and benefit of belonging to something bigger. Now more than ever, these associations are bringing strength and community to the Channel when it’s needed most.


  • Brent Hoskins, Executive Director, Business Technology Association
  • Nancy Hammervik, Executive Vice President, Industry Relations at CompTIA
  • West McDonald, President, Managed Print Services Association (and yes, one of the “hosts with the most” here at Tigerpaw Radio!)

Post-Pandemic Strategies for Growth Starting TODAY

Better days are ahead and there is no time like now to start preparing for them. Listen for important information to help you, not just prepare for your business life after the pandemic, but to grow your business after it.

Guest: Darrel Amy, founder, Revenue Growth Engine and CIO, Convergo

Adapting Your Business During The Pandemic

Thanks to the global pandemic, businesses around the world are scrambling to adapt to new business realities. In this episode of Tigerpaw Radio, we interview 4 business leaders who have done a tremendous job in not just weathering the COVID-19 storm but continuing in their missions to grow.


  • Jeff Bendix, President, Bendix Imaging & Bendix Technologies
  • Kevin Morris, CEO, OneDOC Managed Print Services
  • James Foxall, CEO, Tigerpaw Software
  • Joel Vaslow, COO, Tigerpaw Software

Anti-drone Technology

With so many personal, commercial, and military drones entering the marketplace the skies are going to be busy and more dangerous. What’s being done from a security standpoint to ensure safety? What kinds of anti-drone technologies are being tested and which ones will win?

Guests: Vitaly Mzokov, Kaspersky

Speak Up: Convey Confidence in Person or Online

Whether in the boardroom trying to get people to buy into a new initiative, a public venue speaking to hundreds of people (one day soon I pray!), or simply bringing you’re a game to the next video conference call, the art of speaking is one of the most important and yet most ignored aspects of our business lives.

Guest: Heather Monohan, author of “Confidence Creator”

Realizing the Recurring Revenue Dream

We all know that recurring revenue is the new shiny object, but is it all it’s cracked up to be and should you bother?

Guests: James Foxall & John MacInnes

The Future of Re-manufactured Toner in a Contracting Pages World

Users are printing 3% to 5% less every year and the toner wars between the OEMs and those that make remanufactured alternatives are only heating up. When you add ink-based technologies to the mix the tension only gets higher. What does the future hold for some of the biggest re-manufacturers of OEM alternatives?

Guest: Tricia Judge

The Channel As You Know It Died In 2019. 2020 Is The Year of The Ecosystem

Interview with Jay McBain at Forrester Research

Guests: Jay McBain, Forrester Research


With the world abuzz with disagreement on global warming, are green initiatives still important to companies? What kinds of things can companies do to reduce their footprint and make a difference?

Guests: Aarron Dyck, Clover & Jordan Darragh, PrintReleaf

Innovation Desert

In most ways the Managed Services and Managed Print channels look a lot like they did 5 years ago. Or do they? In this episode we’ll explore innovation with two exceptional thought leaders on channel diversification. Listen in to get expert advice on how you can innovate and grow your business more while pushing back on stagnation and old thinking.

Guests: Greg Walters, Owner & Founder at Walters Inc., and Norman McConkey, Creator at MPS Toolbox

MPS Offering MSP

Companies like MARCO, Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office and Loffler are showing great success with adding Managed Services to their portfolios. So why are so many smaller OEDs having such a tough time getting started? As a managed services provider, what new challenges do these new competitors bring to your world?

Guests: Jeff Gau, CEO at MARCO and William McLaughlin, CTO & EVP at Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office

Selling from the Heart

This is a podcast you won’t want to miss as we talk with the author of “Selling from the Heart” about the ugly side of “social” and how in many ways people are doing a terrible job of using social correctly. He’ll share expert tips on how to articulate and drive real value in a winning sales process.

Guests: Larry Levine, Author, Keynote & Founder at Selling From The Heart

Security Insecurity

Given the increasing number of Ransomware attacks and data leaks, why are companies waiting until they have a major security incident before they really do something about it? Worse yet the bad actors are targeting MSPs as gateways to their customers and the cloud is no longer as secure as once believed. Are there insights to help companies to start protecting themselves before its too late?

Guests: Himanshu Verma, Global Business Development Security Services at AWS and Matthew Solomon, Vice President of Business Development & IT Complete at Kaseya

Mega Dealers Mega Dangers

Whether you’re an office equipment dealer or a managed services provider, we’ve seen a lot of consolidation in the last couple of years and the pace of it only continues to accelerate. In the face of this consolidation, how do smaller providers, who chose to remain independent, compete? Knowing the answers will be critical as you look to grow or simply get out of the way.

Guests: Tawnya Stone, Vice President of Strategic Technology at GreatAmerica Financial Services Inc., and Jeff Bendix, President at Bendix Imaging and Bendix Technologies.