Want 16 Years of Double-Digit Growth? Here’s How.

The world of managed IT and technology services is extremely competitive and not everybody is able to sustain 16 years of consecutive double-digit topline revenue growth One such company, Applied Connective Technologies, accomplished this by changing the way they run their business. Applied Connective was awarded the prestigious 2021 MTSP (Managed Technology Services Provider) award from the Technology Services Group.  

In this exclusive interview with Tigerpaw Software, Edmond Knott, the owner of Applied Connective Technologies, shares the secrets of how he grew his company from nothing to over 35 staff and 3 locations.  In this interview you’ll hear: 

  • Why you need to diversify: If you’re serious about incredible growth, doing what got you started won’t be enough. Ed shares how he moved beyond his early beginnings to run three separate offerings to spur major growth. 
  • How cows can lead to clouds: Ed is proud of his rural roots and equally proud of his move into high tech, and you’ll hear how he did it. 
  • Business automation or bust: If you think you can grow double-digits for 16 years in a row with spreadsheets and manual processes, Ed has some thoughts for you. 
  • Flexibility rules: Ed and his team learned early in the pandemic that flexibility was essential, both for their staff and their customers. You’ll learn why this is important even when times are good. 
  • Building an advantageous state of mind: You must constantly be looking to take advantage of opportunities and Ed demonstrates just how awesome this mindset can be for growth. 

If you are a technology services provider looking to improve how you manage and grow your business, there is nothing quite like hearing from somebody who has excelled at it themselves.  You can access this exciting interview in two ways: 


Tigerpaw Radio

Serious about doing the work to grow your business and keep ahead of your competitors? Tigerpaw offers a full range of educational resources to help you be successful, like this recent blog on ways to lower costs and increase your profits.  If you’d like to learn more about how Tigerpaw can help you run a more efficient business, our team is ready to help.  

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