What Tigerpaw Charges for Integrations Might Shock You

Tigerpaw has a ton of integrations with world-class partners

One of my roles at Tigerpaw Software is building business cases for integrating with a partner. Tigerpaw already has a ton of integrations with world-class partners and I’m honored to be able to help make that list even stronger. 

Currently I’m working on integrations with a lot of office equipment- and imaging channel-related software providers, distributors and suppliers. You may have heard that Tigerpaw was named the MPSA’s Best MPS Software Provider four years running, but that doesn’t mean we’re done yet. Integrations with folks that make your day-to-day business operations easier — well, that job is never done.

A surprising question keeps coming up on nearly every one of my first integration discovery calls with potential integration partners in the office equipment channel: “How much is this going to cost me?”

My answer: “Nothing”.

The follow up question from the perplexed integration candidate: “No, seriously. How much?”

My answer again: “Nothing.”

I then hear stories about other integrations they’ve done with companies similar to ours, how expensive those integrations are and how they have to pass those costs onto their customers through pricing increases. So at the end of the day, those integration fees cost everybody on down the chain. It amazes me frankly.

How are we different? Our development group has dedicated team members who spend their days doing one thing awesomely: Integrations. We don’t charge for integrations because integrations aren’t our products or services. The companies we have integrations with are not our customers. End-users are not our customers. Distributors and suppliers are not our customers. They are our partners and valuable members of the ecosystem that our customers rely on.

We do charge our customers (and a lot less than what you’re likely paying for similar services today). Dealers and those who provide Managed Print, Managed IT Services and VoIP, just to name a few: They are our customers. Our business model is based on one thing: Bringing our customers the very best business automation toolsets and solutions that money can buy. We hope our customers feel delighted to pay for our offerings every month because of the great value we continue to bring them. Integrations deliver a big part of that value.

If you are a software provider, distributor, supplier, or other important piece of the puzzle that makes our customers better positioned to grow, we want to talk to you. And we won’t charge you for it. Of course, we don’t integrate with everybody. We ask a few key questions when coming to the decision on investing the time and money to begin an integration:

  • Will It help our customers to grow?
  • Will it help us better serve the channels we are committed to?
  • Will it help us to attract new customers because we offer more value?
  • Will it help our integration partner better service their customers?

If you meet any of the above criteria, I’d like to talk to you. Fill out our integration request form. And I promise, it won’t cost you a cent. The ecosystems and channels we provide to are better served through the strength our integrations deliver to our shared customer base.

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