Why Our Culture Starts with TEAM: Interview with Chris Taylor, Fisher’s Technology 

Most business owners understand the value of a vision and mission statement but often stop short of identifying and living by core values. In the age of the Great Resignation and changing customer buying habits, understanding and honing a company’s core values is more important than ever. But where to start? 

Join West McDonald, Chief Noise Maker at Tigerpaw Software, and Chris Taylor, CEO at Fisher’s Technology, as they dive in deep into the who, what, where, when and why of developing strong corporate core values. You’ll learn: 

  • The 5 core values that have helped Fisher’s Technology to grow and adapt even through challenging times 
  • Why Fisher’s first core value isn’t “Customers” (and which value takes the lead!) 
  • The importance of trust and vulnerability in high functioning teams 
  • Why a sincere interest in diverse and sometimes conflicting views is so important to growing a strong company culture 
  • Whether or not core values change with changing times 
  • The dark side of core values and why you must seek balance 
  • How causes are as important as paychecks when it comes to team satisfaction 
  • Why a focus on education and a genuine interest in team satisfaction go hand in hand 
  • Why we must identify core values, not create them 
  • Why using third parties to help illuminate core values, although scary, can deliver big 
  • The importance of consistency from the top 

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level by establishing and living through shared core values, this is an interview that can’t be missed. You can access it here: 

At Tigerpaw, core values are a pretty significant part of running our business. We talk about them often, hold each other accountable to them, and clearly communicate them as part of our hiring process and the way we onboard and serve customers. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a little bit about Tigerpaw and the core values we live by.  

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